New York YIMBY is the go-to resource for cutting-edge information on new development in New York City. Covering construction projects from conception through completion, YIMBY keeps the pulse of the city’s real estate, architecture and construction trades.  

For analysts and marketers seeking specific data-driven insights, the data behind New York YIMBY is available for purchase from YIMBY Research.  Download data on new building permit filings in Microsoft Excel and conduct research and analysis functions.  Or, request a custom report from the YIMBY research department for insights and opportunities related specifically to your business.

Data files are in Microsoft Excel format, and may be sorted and filtered using standard Microsoft Excel tools. Fields contained within the data files include type of construction, designated use classification (business, residential or other), street name and building number, square footage, number of units, number of floors, building height, and ownership contact information.  A data sample can be accessed here.

Each download is licensed for one user.  The files and their contents are protected by copyright and may not be copied, replicated, republished or resold.  Requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.  PC and Mac Compatible.

New Construction Pipeline Data (2016)

Data file containing over 1,600 records on New York City new construction projects whose permit applications were filed in 2016.

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